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I was (t)here

Sharing Stories Strengthens Connections and Builds Communities

This is a collection of TRUE STORIES OF KYOGLE and district – people and place – contributed by community members. These stories may be personally significant,  such as meeting a life partner, making a life changing decision, learning something about yourself or the world. 

Or they may be stories of a notable event, for example someone famous visited, or a community event such as a Fairymount Festival. Flood, drought or fire perhaps? 

Following a community-wide invitation, stories with a  limit of 100 words were collected and installed in the Kyogle CBD during the week of the Kyogle Writers Festival. This was intended to provide an opportunity to tell local stories and contribute to the life of the writer’s festival. 

It’s called I WAS (T)HERE because it may have happened up a creek somewhere. That’s the “there.”  Or it may have happened in the main street. That’s the  “here.”

Graeme Gibson

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